WUC Cycling 2018

04 August 2018

Van Engelen is the new Road Race World Champion

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Adne van Engelen was the winner of the men's Road Race of the 2018 WUC Cycling. The Dutchman secured the gold medal after a solo climb on the final lap of the circuit in Braga. In the second place, his compatriot De Lange won the silver medal and the Australian Liam Magennis, Time-Trial world champion, took the bronze medal.

The dutch said he knew that could him and that prepared to this race with that goal. “I trained every day so hard with this perfect team and I’m so happy to win here”. Adne said that the heat was good for him and helped him to win this race. “I can’t handle the heat very well”, he said. Van Engelen is confident that he had the best preparation possible for this race and his hard work paid off. “I did that downhill seven times, seeing how fast I was going in every corner”. The new World Champion said it was a pleasure to ride in Portugal with such a good competition and “the organization was very good.”

Salvador and Magennis were the most active riders in the early moments of the stage. The Australian, motivated by his win at the Time-Trial competition, took the risk and went alone for a major time of the stage. Magennis felt the exhaustion and the heat and it was caught by Salvador, De Lange and van Engelen. The last one attacked in the middle of the second climb of the Sameiro and left behind all the riders with him, as De Lange tried to stay in touch. But there wasn’t a way to stop the dutch in front. Van Engelen won with a 1:02 gap to the second and third.

After finishing with a time of 02:59:47, Marcelo Salvador was the best Portuguese on the track, securing the 7th place overall.