WUC Cycling 2018

01 August 2018

Felicitas Geiger takes the gold

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The german Felicitas Geiger was the winner of the race XCO-Cross Country (female) of the WUC Cycling 2018. The athlete won the opponents with almost a minute of advance, closing time in 1:02:42.

Geiger was recently at the European under-23 MTB, which ended in 17th position, and highlighted the difficulties of race: "Was very technical and I'm not used to it, but I felt strong in the downs and attack". The new University World Champion referred that she knew the value of the other rivals and that it would be "very difficult to win, but when we race what we want to do is win"

German belongs to the under-23 team RV Victoria Wombach and is 376º in the world ranking of MTB. In the remaining places on the podium Lotte Rosanne Koopmans (Netherlands) was in second place and Gabriela Wojtyla (Poland) in third place. About 20 athletes were, today, in the XCO-Cross Country race.